About Us

We are dedicated to providing exceptional construction services to our clients. Our team of experienced professionals loves making structures that are high-quality, useful, and nice to look at.

About us

“In the early 1950’s, a modest family From Moga, Punjab relocated to Lucknow. The son of a school headmaster, Lt. Shri  Tirath Ram Agarwal, initiated his entrepreneurial journey by distributing coal and briquettes. Eventually the family enterprise diversified into Real Estate. Over the past 40 years, Tirath Developers has accomplished the successful completion of over 50 projects in Lucknow.” Tirath Developers, one of the leading developers in Uttar Pradesh, India, has been making significant strides in the real estate sector in both the residential and commercial domains. Established by Late Shri Tirath Ram Agarwal and Er. Sumer Agarwal, the company was founded with a vision of instilling trust, transparency, and meaningful impact. Renowned for its blend of luxury and affordability, Tirath Developers is now recognized for its commitment to innovation as it continues shaping the skyline of Uttar Pradesh with each project. Apart from its mere construction endeavours, the company values forging lasting relationships and fostering vibrant communities. It is committed to its social responsibility and contributes to the welfare of society by actively engaging in community development projects.